“The Repurpose Project” June 1st-30th 2014.

Was about challenging myself by painting, drawing and giving a second life to ordinary or everyday objects… Every single day for an entire month… and I decided to share Day 1 to 30, with you guys (find me on Instagram). Below a couple of them…

So, WHAT exactly LIES BEHIND the Project? These are my thoughts:
“Putting visual and physical bounderies stimulates the creative process and develops inspiration. I had a need to get out of the comfort zone and challenge my ability to create pictures. Yet, another more global aspect was also taken in consideration; Today when we consume more than we can handle, I wanted to paint & draw on used items. Taking everyday objects, old or ugly and make them live a little longer as beautiful, interesting or funny. A private seeking process that I chose to share because I believe that Inspiration should be given and taken. That it goes over frontiers and applies to whatever lies closer to your heart whether You paint, sing, dance, write, act or being any kind of Creator. Enjoy and keep whatever catches your eye, mind or heart.”