I now have the pleasure of also offering my services as Art / Creative Director. 

Either direct for you and your company or for you as a design bureau / design agency.

I bring my 20+ year experience as a painting artist, the collaborations that I’ve done with various companies and brands as well as the projects where I together with the clients have created different forms of visual presentations, installations and concepts. Projects where I / we do research and find the focus points, visualize and then present it in a unique way. 

As an artist and company owner I spend a lot of my working time in my studio, at the office and in my own head. But I also love to work with others, to be a part of, or lead a team, where you together with the client and their history, get to create a concept that inspires and communicates the story we want to tell. With a combination of creativity and experience we get results that kick start feelings and emotions. It’s not all Facebook pixels and statistics…

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