In Amanda’s paintings, fashion meets art in a natural, confident and classical way while still feeling modern. You can clearly see the love for lines, color and the character in female form. She blends a hint of graphic design, playful illustration and confident brush strokes in her paintings… For almost 20 years the female character has been in the center of Amanda’s work. The most inspiring form to portrait in all it’s differences, variations and moods. Amanda talks about her women as strong characters who crave and demand their space both within the wooden frame of the canvas but also in the space where the painting then will hang.

Amanda Mendiant was born in 1975 in Paris to a Swedish mother and a French father. After growing up in France and with different stays in Sweden, France and Spain she settles in 1995 for the arctic north of Sweden and her hometown of Paris. With art school, “Illustration and Graphic Design” degrees (Berghs School of Communication) in the back pocket she works in the skateboard business for a few years and this period has shown to be a strong influence in her early works. She then joins a leading web design company in Sweden as an illustrator and in 2003 Amanda breaks out on her own and starts her own company “Amanda Mendiant – Art & Illustration”. In later years she has also launched a retail section called House Of Mendi.com. Today she works towards private collectors, communication / pr agencies and various brands around the world.

Among sources of inspiration she would name artists such as Egon Schiele, Gustav Klimt and Tamara de Lempicka but also photographers, Richard Avedon and Jean Loup Sieff only to name a few. Photography, Art Déco, portraits, ballet and contemporary dance, airports and antique shops, book covers, odd details and contrasts, are keywords that keep nourish her always evolving work.

She says she’s been drawing as long as she can remembers and can’t help herself see the world around her in pictures, lines and patterns. With a foot in two cultures she keeps getting inspired by women that come along her path. Friends around her, acquaintances and strangers on travels….

Amanda has, amongst other, collaborated with ICEHOTEL, Vans, PHILIPS, Sessions Outerwear (USA), Dahl Agenturer (Stockholm, Sweden), JUS (Stockholm, Sweden), WESC (Stockholm, Sweden), Grandpa (Stockholm/Göteborg, Sweden), A Gallery (Göteborg, Sweden), DesignLabland (Luleå, Sweden), Clarion Sense Hotel (Sweden), Arte Limited (Italy).