”Northern Meetings”

The mural painting “Northern Meetings” is a commissioned work for Nolia/Piteå. Sweden for their workshop and conference facilities.

The theme was “meetings” so I created, based on the rounded wall, the geographic location and the theme, an organic painting of two characters where Hand and Eye contact are in focus. Which is what meetings are about.

The picture’s lines and shades of green, grey and blue refer to Piteå’s northern landscape and it’s archipelago. Painted lines that could be, at first sight a map or roads and paths as well as life lines evolving, growing, tagging along parallel and crossing each other, or not at some point.

April 2015.

“Grannie” part II

Tataa… The painting I have been workin’, and working’ and working’ on the last month. Finally done… And still I spare you from all the extra shots… Cut down to 4 minutes, I am not as sentimental as for the first time lapse I made… (proud maker of THREE!). Music by College, Critical Mass.

I’ll get back with more, bigger and better pics of the painting.

Amanda Mendiant/HOUSE OF MENDI’s “Grannie”- Painting Aug. 2012 from Amanda Mendiant/HOUSE OF MENDI on Vimeo.

Swedish paper!

A quickie! A little Time Lapse from yesterday’s job at a paper convention in Piteå. I painted on paper that’s made in town, it took 4 hours and the theme was obvious to me, origami & paper planes!… Below close up’s.


House Of Mendi- NIKI D. Time Lapse

I’ve wanted to do this for years. A time lapse of me painting that I wanted to share with you, because personally I just LOVE TIME LAPSE and watching artists work.
I worked about three weeks with Niki D. Not everyday though and maybe around 5 hours in a row. My inspiration for this lady is Niki de Saint Phalle. Excentric and colorfull.

And the music is Robyn, Body Part I & III. such a good energy for working.
So here it is. Spread it.