Amanda Mendiant X ICEHOTEL / Jukkasjärvi


From today, Dec 12. the painting can be seen in the beautiful reception of the world known venue 200 km north of the Arctic Circle…

For the 25 Years celebration of the iconic ICEHOTEL in Jukkasjärvi, my wish was to personalize this magical place with a customized portrait. These are my thoughts behind the paintings…

As each ice block that is harvested from Torne River measures two meters long and one meter thick, the paintings were made that precise same size. Two ice blocks of pure, crystal clear water affected by Day & Night LIGHT, theme for 2015.

The ICEHOTEL is embodied in a Wintery, high powered Lady, watching over the place and surrounded by chosen elements telling a story:

The Torne River, source of the building material that will melt back to the River once the season is over, is pouring through her hands and through both canvases.

An ice crown reminding of the entrance of the hotel and elements such as the polar bear, the wild goose, the snowballs, as seen in earlier Art Suites. The ”studs” from an Icebar, the iceblocks, the collar and the earring, all various elements from previous designs of ICEHOTEL that has been different each time for the past 25 years.

On the Day Light side, painted in shades of intense blue, white and grey you can see the snowflakes, frost, and the particular illuminating, almost blinding, light. On the Night side, the darkness, the nearly black ice blocks and the magical nature phenomenon, Aurora Borealis and it’s breathtaking colors.

Two sides, one Face, The ICE, The Snow, the surroundings and the Northern LIGHT’s impact on them all.

Same but different and unexpectedly complementary…

The painting was created between October 7th and December 3rd. 2014. Material used are acrylics on cotton canvas, mounted on high quality frames of certified timber according to FSC and Rainforest Alliance qualification for responsible wood agriculture. All paintings and frames are assembled inhouse by Amanda Mendiant & Crew.





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